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Iran stops stamping foreign nationals’ passports at all authorized borders

Shahrekord, Spokesman for the Interior Ministry Seyyed Salman Samani, referring to the implementation of the President's decree not to stamp the passports of foreign nationals arriving in Iran and said that it is being implemented at all authorized borders.

Speaking to IRNA on Friday, Samani went on to say that according to the President's order to stop putting rubber stamps on the passports of foreigners' arriving in Iran, the issue has been operationalized by the Border Working Group of National Security Council.

He underscored that with the investigation and followup and coordination with the Immigration Police, Passports and other relevant authorities, this has been implemented in all authorized land, maritime and air borders of the country.

President Hassan Rouhani in a decree on June 23 authorized interior ministry to avoid putting rubber stamps on the passports of foreign nationals visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hassan Rouhani ordered police to avoid putting stamps on passports of foreign nationals on entry and exit.

The president gave the directive to Minister of Interior, AbdolReza Rahmani Fazli, authorizing police to refrain from putting the stamp the passports of foreign nationals on their entry or exit.

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei had earlier said that that foreign tourists can visit Iran without their passports being stamped.

President Hassan Rouhani assigned the airport police not to stamp passports of foreign tourists as the US monitors people who travel to Iran.

The move can bring more foreign tourists to Iran, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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