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Iran supports Iraq, Saudi backs terrorism

Baghdad, US has forgotten that Saudi Arabia is supporting terrorism in Iraq, Najaf Friday Prayers Leader Seyyed Sadrdin AlGhapanchi said.

AlGhapanchi made the remarks while delivering his Friday prayers sermon.

He slammed the recent measure taken by the US House of Representatives to sanction Iraqi Resistance and also allegations on Iran supporting terrorism in Iraq.

The US false allegations happened while Iran had helped safeguard Iraq and withdraw Daesh terrorists, he added.

The US decision is indication of blatant interference, cruelty, lie, stupidity and defeat, AlGhapanchi reiterated.

This is while, the US remained silent against dispatching 5,000 Saudi terrorists to Iraq and performing terrorist operations in Iraq, he noted.

He went on to say that Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and parties will stand by Iran and any country which supported Iraq in fighting terrorism.

The US House of Representatives, in another overt interference with the affairs in Iraq and with the accusation of Iran's intervention, demanded some resistance groups be sanctioned.

The US House of Representatives and Sennate had already passed some acts that sanctioned the Iraqi groups that had the biggest role in fighting and defeating Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

The Iraqi resistance groups are all a part of the Popular Mobilization Forces that were formed with the Fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani to counter Daesh. Later in 2014, the Popular Mobilization Forces were under command of the Iraqi prime minister and the commander of the armed forces.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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