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Iran supports transition of power in Kazakhstan

Tehran, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman announced current developments in Kazakhstan and transition of power as being in its constitution framework.

Iran considers a positive the coincidence of Nursultan Nazarbayev's choice and Nowruz and supports these developments, Bahram Qasemi said.

Mr. Nazarbayev is a prominent, influential and intelligent politician in Kazakhstan, he said, adding that in his terms Iran and Kazakhstan have always had friendly and increasing relations.

He also expressed congratulation to Jomart Tokayev, speaker of the upper house of parliament who took over as Kazakhstan's acting president for the remainder of his term.

Qasemi wished success for Tokayev, saying I am confident that friendship and brotherliness will continue between two countries.

Expressing congratulations over Nowruz, he said like many of the countries in the region Kazakh people also celebrate Nowruz.

Nowruz is a part of culture and customs of this country, he reiterated.

Meanwhile, Qasemi wished peace, welfare and happiness for Kazakh people and government.

Kazakhstan's 79-year-old President Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned earlier after three decades in power, saying his oil-rich Central Asian nation now needed a new generation of leaders.

I have taken a decision, which was not easy for me, to resign as president, Nazarbayev said earlier in a televised address before signing a decree terminating his powers as of March 20.

He added as the founder of the independent Kazakh state I see my task now in facilitating the rise of a new generation of leaders who will continue the reforms that are under way in the country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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