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Iran to firmly resist all threats: Army deputy

Tehran, Iran will resist any threats and excessive demands on the part of the enemies, said Deputy Commander of the Islamic Republic Army for Coordination Affairs Admiral Habibullah Sayyari on Thursday.

'The Persian Gulf is a very important waterway and all countries like to be present there, but history has shown that Iran always resisted the enemies' excessive demands,' the Admiral said in a gathering of Army forces.

'The higher one country stands in the international system, the more proud and effective its people feel.'

Saying that one of the factors of power is the military might, he added in the nuclear talks national power made six world powers sit to negotiate with Iran.

'National power should back the political negotiators.'

He added that some countries buy modern equipment and also hire people to use them because they don't have enough manpower, but an insightful force acts practically.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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