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Iran to grant its sports capabilities to help Iraq: Minister

Tehran,The Minister of Sport and Youth Masoud Soltanifr at a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart stressed that Iran would use its sports capabilities to meet the needs of its neighboring country.

Soltanifar said at a joint meeting with sports federations, attended by Iraqi counterpart at the National Olympic Academy on Wednesday, that the meeting is held taking into account the oneyear opportunity until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would provide coordination for the successful participation of Iranian caravans.

On the visit of the new Iraqi sports minister, Ahmad Riaz, the Iranian minister said that the Iraqi official will visit the sports facilities of Tehran and Isfahan in the current visit. In addition, we are working on the capacities of the two countries given to a memorandum of understanding signed in the past. During the period of Riaz' presence in Tehran, we accelerate the implementation of the provisions of the memorandum."

The Minister of Sports and Youth added, "One of the partnerships is in the field of equipment, sports equipment, construction of sports facilities in Iraq to use its capacity to meet the needs of the neighboring country.

Soltanifar underlined, "The construction of several stadiums by Iranian contractors in Iraq is now underway to witness the development of this country's sports facilities. There are good capacities between the manufacturer and the sports equipment in quantitative and qualitative terms in Iran, which we are trying to use these capacities to meet the needs of Iraq.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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