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Iran to host Int’l Conference of Asian Political Parties

Tehran, Feb 1, Iran for the first time will host the International Conference of Asian Political Parties on February 2 and 3.

The 29th Meeting of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) Standing Committee will be held along with its 2nd Special Conference Silk Road conference in Iran International Conference Center, Tehran.

The Conference will be hosted by Iran's Islamic Coalition Party and will be attended by some 100 leaders, secretary generals and senior officials of 40 parties and political organizations from 25 Asian countries, as well as officials from some regional and international organizations.

Participants of the international event will deliver speeches on three main issues of parties' role in detente and tackling extremism, parties and urban sustainable development, and the role of parties' in political development, cultural engagement and promoting trade exchange along the Silk Road.

The founding Chairman of the ICAPP Jose de Venecia, Hamas Representative in Tehran Khalid al-Qadoumi, as well as other prominent figures from Iran and other participant countries, will address the meeting.

More than half of the participants are from Muslim countries, but representatives of non-Muslim countries such as Japan, Korea and India, will attend the meeting.

Source: Iran Republic News Agency

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