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Iran to import over 42m doses of COVID-19 vaccines

Deputy head of Strategic Headquarters for Implementing Country’s Comprehensive Scientific Plan said here on Tuesday that Iran will import 42.3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to be distributed in near future.

Mansour Kabkanian added that according to the presented statistics by the Health Ministry at today’s meeting the Covid 19 virus vaccines are procured through three channels.

Kabganian reiterated that “16.8 million doses of the vaccines are forwarded by COVAX (of the World Health Organization), on condition that they are not made by the US Pfizer platform and 25 million through non-WHO sources, and this volume of vaccines seem to cover the society’s different age groups’ needs to vaccines properly.”

He stressed that all the same, none of the efforts made by Iranian producers of Corona vaccines, such as the Razi Company and Pasture Institute are stopped, or deprived of sufficient government support, and the Iranian vaccines, too, will enter the market soon.

Nine Iranian companies preparing Corona vaccines

The deputy head of Strategic Headquarters for Implementing Country’s Comprehensive Scientific Plan said that although the emergency phase of Corona virus vaccines production has been shortened to one year, producing such vaccines normally takes five years.

Kabganian added that the historical background of producing some vaccines as that of Ebola and gaining it’s WHO confirmation took 20 years, for some other catchy diseases 15 years, and in some cases even a few decades.

He said that six Iranian institutes, supported by the government, are now ready to produce their vaccines, but altogether nine scientific centers are involved in the job of producing 6 different types of vaccines.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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