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Iran to name US terrorist commanders

Tehran, A member of the Iranian parliament said the intelligence units of armed forces were required to announce the names of the terrorist commanders of the Central Command of the United States (Centcom).

Ahmed Amirabadi said, in an open parliamentary session on Tuesday, the MPs agreed with the General points in the bill to strengthen the position of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps against the US actions, underlining that all the deputies supported the plan, and some lawmakers were merely asking for additional issues to be added to the plan.

He said a number of MPs asked the question that why the entire US military was not declared as a terrorist army in the plan; our response is that the forces of Central Command of the United States is the General Staff of the US in the Middle East, Asia and Africa; the US regional Army has been announced in this plan as terrorist and its supporters were declared terrorists.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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