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Iran to open trade offices in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq

Tehran, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Rez Rahmani announced plans to establish trade offices in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria to help promote commercial exchanges with them.

In a meeting with Iran's Ambassador to Oman Mohammad Reza Nouri Shahroudi on Monday, he added that 55 percent of Iran's nonoil exports are made to 15 neighboring states.

Describing boosting economic cooperation with Oman as gateway for entering Arab markets, he said that his ministry's major plans revolves on boosting exports, promoting homemade products and operationalizing mines.

Since Oman is doing trade with 27 countries, it is an entrance gate for a 500million market and Iran should seize the opportunity by increasing economic and trade interaction with the country, Rahmani said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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