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Iran to publish documents on US crime against humanity: FM

Tehran, Foreign minister said Iran has collected and will soon publish some documents that show that foreign banks, even European ones, have shun acceptance of cash from those Iranian and nonIranians who intended to help Iran's floodhit people.

'International helps don't mean that the country actually needs them; they are a token of sympathy and solidarity,' said MohammadJavad Zarif on the sidelines of unveiling the economic diplomacy of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.

Zarif added that the world solidarity has been impeded by the US destructive and antihuman move.

He added that due to vast media work, the US government is in a defensive position now and has announced that there are no obstacles to helps, but it's not true.

The US has to deny the measures it takes. We have collected some documents that prove that the US is actively participating in this measure that can be defined as 'crime against humanity'.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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