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Iran to sell aerospace products to Turkey

Ankara, A senior manager at Iran Aviation Industries Organization said that Iran will sell some products to Turkey as a result of five memoranda of understanding signed in Airshow Eurasia 2018 in Antalya.

Head of exports at Iran Aviation Industries Organization Jafar Zedvar told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Friday that the five MoUs include the sale of aviation accessories such as technical fasteners and other pieces related to the aviation industry, as well as Tolo-4 and Serat-2 jet engines.

Noting that enhancing cooperation between firms in Iran, Turkey and other countries on aviation industry were among the goals Tehran hoped to achieve by participating in the exhibition, he said that a part of Iran's aerospace achievements, including advanced drones and helicopters, that have been put on display in the exhibition has astonished experts from Turkey and other countries.

The five-day Airshow Eurasia 2018 has been opened at Antalya's airport with since April 25participation of state-owned and private companies from Iran.

Acting Deputy for Operation of the General Staff of Armed Forces Headquarters Air Force Brigadier General Mohammad Alavi visited the exhibition on Thursday.

He said that Iran is ready for engagements and promotion of ties with neighbors, particularly Turkey, on defensive and military fields.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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