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Iran to use all legitimate means to change US behavior: Adviser

Tehran, Adviser to Iranian president Hessameddin Ashna stressed that Iran will use any legitimate means to change the US behavior.

Hessameddin Ashna wrote on Saturday on his Twitter account that "we are deprived of milliondollar lobbies in the US Congress, but we are enjoying FM Zarif's sonorous voice in the American media."

"We are deprived of the support of arms producing companies, but we have hundreds of thousands of Iranians who can be the voices of Iran's oppression," he said.

Adviser to the Iranian president earlier in a Twitter emphasized that Iran's main goal is to manage the US sanctions behavior, and said, "We will use all our tools to achieve this goal."

Ashna noted that the diplomatic negotiations are not a goal, but just a tool, and this instrument itself is neither good nor bad.

"Calculation of the cost is national advantage that justifies or rejects its use," he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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