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Iran tracking terrorists across world: MP

Tehran, Iran has a zero-patient policy toward terrorists, an Iranian lawmaker told a Lebanese paper on Tuesday emphasizing that his country closely monitors the terrorist activities across the world.

The Abolfazl Hassanbeigi, a member of national security and foreign policy committee at the parliament, told Alahed that the recent missile attack on terrorists' stronghold in Syria, in retaliation for their attack in southeastern Iranian city of Ahvaz, conveyed multiple important messages.

The attack martyred 24 people, including a child, and injured some 60. The terrorist group al-Ahwazieh claimed the responsibility.

The first message is that the Iranian military and security forces monitor terrorist movements at any point in the world and know where they are based, the Iranian lawmaker said.

'Therefore, if the terrorists wanted to take any action, the Islamic Republic can find and eliminate them, the Iranian lawmaker said according to the English version of the Lebanese media, Alahed News.

'The second point is that given its good defense capabilities, Iran can target the terrorists' gathering points with its precision rockets, and whoever wants to harm Iran's national security will be devastated by it,' he explained.

'The third message is addressed to the Americans who are now based in two areas the north and northwest Syria and provide tactical, logistical, material, intelligence and military support to terrorists, he added.

We can assert that the Islamic Republic can defend itself and not make any remarks about any country supporting these terrorists,' Hassanbeigi said.

'Iran can help all countries in the face of terrorism,' he concluded.

'Iran always emphasizes that good relations with neighboring countries are among its top priorities.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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