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Iran: Trump’s decision on Golan violation of UN Charter

Tehran, Iran's High Council of Human Rights issued a statement on Sunday calling Trump's unilateral recognition of Zionist regime's sovereignty over Golan Heights in Syria a blatant violation of UN Charter.

Last week, the international community once again witnessed a blatant violation of international regulations and principles on the one hand and increasing hatred and insecurity in West Asia on the other hand by the twoman team of Trump and Netanyahu, the statement said.

It said that the US president's recent act is in violation of two articles of the UN Charter on Syria's sovereignty over Golan Heights and also violates different UNSC resolutions, including Resolutions 242 and 497 which refuse to recognize Zionist regime's sovereignty over lands occupied after June 1967, including Golan Heights.

The statement warned that this illegal act can exacerbate the violation of human rights of the residents of Golan Heights and nearby lands and trigger instability in West Asia.

It called on the United Nations and other international and regional organizations, including Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), NonAligned Movement (NAM) and the whole regional states to condemn the US act and take firm action to protect the rights of the Syrian government and nation.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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