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Iran, Turkey discuss ties, regional developments in Istanbul

Ankara, Tehran and Ankara discussed bilateral relations and regional developments were discussed and considered in Istanbul in the presence of experts and diplomats of the two states in a roundtable meeting.

The roundtable is the 10th meeting dubbed as; 'Sustainable Strategy' and held by coordination with Iran's Foreign Ministry Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) and Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM).

In the meeting, issues like ways to promote ties, institutionalization of relations and methods to endure bilateral ties were discussed.

In the field of regional issues, methods to endure cooperation upon principle like protection for territorial integrity, fight for changing the regime from abroad, protection of borders and confrontation against extremism and development of moderation were considered and discussed.

Head of the IPIS Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour said experts of the two countries play effective role in deepening bilateral ties.

Such meetings are useful to analyze regional issues, Sajjadpour said, the meeting will present a brighter picture of world politics.

He said that Turkey is among important players in the Middle East region, adding that Iran, Turkey have strategic importance and are among the most important players in the region.

Sajjadpour said cooperation of these two countries with Russia, especially on Syria, have changed rules of the game in the area.

He reiterated that the US government does not pay attention to international and legal norms, and said, the US is not loyal to its allies either, that is why Turkey is worried for its security now.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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