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Iran, Turkey, Pakistan cooperation confab held in Ankara

Ankara, International Conference on Cooperation between Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey was held with the presence of ambassadors, academics, researchers, and students from the three countries at Meyra Palace in Ankara.

Iran's ambassador to Turkey, Mohammad Farazmand said in his speech that the Silk Road passes through the region; all three countries enjoy economic, defensive, and natural capabilities; they also are confronting with terrorism and extremism.

He said that US unilateral sanctions affect other countries of the region, including Pakistan and Turkey. They are also under pressure on the part of the Zionist regime as well.

He said that Iran and Turkey have recently made an agreement to increase trade and use national currencies and added, 'Lack of commercial ties between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey is against their national interests.'

Former Turkish Ambassador to Iran Riza Hakan Tekin said in his speech to the conference that exchanging ideas will help the better understanding of the regional and international issues as well as mutual ties.

He said that Turkey is not after unilateral sanctions and that cooperation is necessary for decreasing the effects of the sanctions.

Referring to the population and geographical situation of the three countries, he said that sadly the capacities are not used correctly; therefore, the countries should try to cooperate and be innovative more in energy and trade.

Tehran, Islamabad, and Ankara have common problems like security, migration, terrorism and trafficking, and can have useful activities in these fields, he added.

A diplomat form Pakistan's Embassy in Ankara, Ifrah Tariq, said that the three countries have formed an important triangle of cooperation.

The conference was held in cooperation with the Center for Iranian Studies (IRAM), Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) and Institute for Political and International Studies of Iran in order to examine and assess the opportunities of lateral and trilateral collaborations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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