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Iran: UK defending aggressor in Yemen

Tehran, Dishonest behavior toward Yemen issue is seen on the part of the United Kingdom, said the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday in his weekly press conference.

'Despite all it says about peaceful solutions for Yemen crisis, London uses international laws to defend the invader,' said Bahram Qasemi, adding that the developments in the region are fast-paced.

Regarding the UK-suggested resolution that is to be put to votes in the UNSC, he said, 'We must wait till afternoon; then, we may be able to talk about that.'

UK along with France and the US has prepared an anti-Iran draft resolution which condemns Tehran for its allegedly sending weapons to Yemen. The draft is to be discussed in the United Nations Security Council on Monday afternoon in New York, (local time).

He also reiterated that Iran doesn't send weapons to Yemen, and such claims made by the US are 'just worthless' blame-games that have been and will be repeated many times.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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