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Iran unveils four new-generation probiotic medicines

Tehran Four new-generation probiotic medicines were unveiled by Iran's Zist Takhmir Pharmaceutical Company in presence of Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari.

FamiLact, Pyloshot, Lactogum, and GeriLact are the medicines that were unveiled in Sunday.

Probiotics are new generation of cells that are able to connect to the certain cells in the body.

Pyloshots can help control the number of helicobacter pylori, which are present in a person with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers.

GeriLact is suitable for people of advanced age.

The managing-director of Zist Takhmir Pharmaceutical Company said probiotics entered Iran's medicine market about 10 years ago. They can be used in treating gastrointestinal illnesses, mouth membrane, higher respiratory systems, allergies, and ulcer.

She said that the company could successfully domesticate the medicines, adding that these medicines are very expensive. Thus, by producing them, the country can save foreign currency.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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