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Iran urges France not to abuse position in UNSC

New York, Iran's representative in the 63rd session of Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) on Thursday criticized France's irresponsible use of its position in the United Nations Security Council to interfere in other countries' affairs, saying that's better for France to deal with profound discontent within its country.

Farideh OwladQobad told the meeting held in UN seat in New York that the Iranian nation has paved a long way for embracing freedom based on independence, democracy, rule of law and human rights.

She voiced deep concern over irresponsible behaviors undermining multilateralism and adversely affecting women's situation across the world.

Iran's envoy in the CSW further noted that unilateral actions and unlawful sanctions have conspicuously led to women and girls' rights violations in the fields of health, education and food security.

US imposed economic war on my country's people is contravening October 3 regulation of International Court of Justice, she said.

In reaction to statements of the French envoy in the inaugural meeting of the commission, OwladQobad said that she made interfering remarks while abusing the country's status in the United Nations Security Council.

I recommend her to deal with the widespread discontent within the country instead of meddling in other countries' affairs, she said.

Iran and Iranians have never surrendered in the face of incidents, as they proved with their resistance that they will overcome all difficulties.

Over the past years in Iran, women and girls have enjoyed the rights to get engaged in economic, social and cultural fields, she said, noting that the trend prevailed in all social pillars as well as high profile positions.

Rate of literacy among the women as well as their share in high education and life expectance have registered remarkable growth over the past 40 years.

Islamic Republic of Iran has always abided by its commitments to guarantee a worthy future for Iranian women and girls and family as the main foundation of the society, she said.

Commission on the Status of Women holds a 10day session each year in the maid seat of the UN in New York to discuss gender equality, challenges facing women, set global standards and formulate policies for promoting gender equality and women's progress in the world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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