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Iran urges France to free diplomat

Tehran, Iran on Tuesday urged France to free its diplomat and cautioned Paris against those behind the curtain that try to ruin the long-standing relations between the two countries.

The spokesman of Iran's foreign ministry Bahram Qasemi in reaction to the allegations, made by three French ministers against an Iranian diplomat, said, 'Rejecting accusations and allegations again, Iran strongly objects to detention of an Iranian diplomat and urges his urgent freedom.'

The three French ministers in a statement had levelled 'unjust and vain' allegations against an Iranian diplomat that he had been accused and arrested for involvement in a sabotage operation in a gathering of a terrorist group in Paris.

The entire story is a plot and scenario aimed at spoiling the good and developing relations between Iran and Europe, the spokesman said, which is in line with the goals of the US and the Zionist regime of Israel and implemented by a terrorist and unpopular group that is based in France.

Referring to Iran's principled policy in condemning any terrorist act, the spokesman said, 'Given the existing proof and evidence, the role of the distinguished hostile parties, ill-wishers and destructive elements in designing such ridiculous scenario is evident.'

Qasemi said Iran 'urges French officials to take a realistic approach toward Tehran, and cautions once more against the hands of ill-wishers that are trying to ruin the long-standing relations between Iran and France as well as other European countries.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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