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Iran urges France to show restraint against protesters

Tehran, Regarding the French protests and police's reaction to protesters the spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said violence and vandalism as well as confrontation is less likely to achieve success and goals under the current conditions.

'Our advice to the French government and the French police is to be selfcontrol and to people who are on the street is that the situation may become more complicated by violence and violent actions,' Bahram Qasemi noted.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, 'I hope, with the tact and positive measures of the French government, problems will be resolved. The French government cannot continue the violence against its people and not to hear their demands. I hope they will solve it with tact.

In reply to the American allegations about the Iranian missile activity, Qasemi explained, 'Our overall position towards Iranian defense policy is clear and the Americans allegations are baseless and these allegations sometimes put forward by this country or the Zionist regime.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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