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Iran voices concern about US violation of detainees’ rights

– Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, has issued a statement, voicing extreme concern over the violation of rights of those detained in a protest in the US capital on Thursday.

The statement came few hours after American Police detained tens of angry protesters who stormed the Capitol Building in Washington.

The protesters believe that their votes were stolen in the November 3 Presidential elections.

The statement by Iran’s High Council for Human Rights reiterates that freedom of expression and the right to holding peaceful gatherings is a legitimate right that has to be respected and protected by whichever party takes the power in Washington.

The statement said that fair and impartial observers see the UN secretary-general and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' silence on human rights abuses as a green light to human rights abuse?s and urge them not to sacrifice the rights of the American people for the interests of those in power in the United States anymore.

The fall of the US arrogant regime is a reality that cannot be slowed down even by possessing Atomic bombs and B-52 fighter jets, the statement added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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