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Iran VP: Closing businesses, betrayal to country

Kermanshah, Iran's Vice-President for Scientific and Technological Affairs Sorena Sattari said on Tuesday that closing businesses is a big betrayal to the country and serving Iran's enemies.

It should be studied why Iran is ranked 16th in the world despite all huge economic resources of the country, Sattari said.

Noting that oil is a cultural and structural plague for the country's economy, the official said that today most of the developed countries of the world are making use of their underground resources in the best way by means of technology and avoid selling unprocessed commodities.

The revenues coming from production of 60 kilograms of output of a biotech factory is equal to revenues of one year production of a cement factory, Sattari said.

'Only in nanotechnology, we could earn 12,000 billion rials last year and we are ranked fourth in the world in terms of writing articles on nanotechnology,' the official added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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