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Iran VP: West acting dictatorially under name of women’s rights

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Ensiyeh Khazali has criticized the US over its push for removing Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women, saying that they are acting dictatorially under the name of women’s rights.

The official was speaking in a meeting with students at Sharif University in Tehran on Monday.

She said that Iran was selected as a member of the UN commission last year.

But now, she added, the US is pushing for the removal of Iran from the commission following trumped-up claims by foreign media that attributed the killing of women to the government during the recent unrest in Iran.

They claimed that they are acting in defense of women’s rights, but they are in fact violating those rights and preventing women from raising their issues through pushing for the removal of Iran from the UN commission, the official said.

The 54-member UN Economic and Social Council will vote on December 14 whether to oust Iran from the commission, according to news outlets.



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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