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Iran warns India of likely alternative to oil imports

New Delhi, Caretaker of Iran's Embassy in India warned that should India turn to alternative oil suppliers such as Saudi Arabia, the US and Russia, Tehran will also deny it access to special oil advantages.

Masoud Rezvanian made the remarks in a panel of discussion organized by India's Minorities Front on Tuesday.

Referring to the US new policy regarding the JCPOA, he said that given regional situation, US moves target its allies, friends and the countries considered enemies equally.

Commenting on the main reasons behind US exit from the deal, he said that the agreement marked end of an unwanted crisis.

The document was indeed a sign of hope for West Asia that diplomacy and dialogue still work, he said.

Pointing to Iran-India historic commonalties, Rezvanian said that Tehran-New Delhi trade ties, especially over the past half a century, revealed that their interests are interrelated.

Iran is a closest and safest source of energy for India, he said, noting that Iran also serves as an open market for India's demands including fuel, urea and LNG, Iranian official said.

Iran did its best to help India in strategic fields such as energy and communications but India has not fulfilled its commitments for investment in Chabahar Port, he complained.

Iran's crude oil customers including India are anxiously waiting for indications from Washington on whether they can continue to import oil from Tehran or if they need to look for other suppliers before November 4, the date that US sanctions on Iran's oil business are to commence.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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