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Iran warns Saudi regime to learn from Saddam’s fate

Tehran Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi warned Saudi regime to learn from its friend and ally Saddam Hussein.

Those who have registered their names and their countries on the list of perpetrators and criminals in the region and have been categorized as criminal and intruder dictators such as Saddam, should know that they cannot ignore the facts by making unfounded allegations against Iran, Qasemi said in reaction to antiIran claims made by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel alJubeir during the trip to France.

Regional nations will not forget Saudi Arabia's role in generating, spreading and arming extremists and terrorists that in different eras and under various titles like AlQaeda and Daesh have committed humanitarian disasters in some neighboring countries, region and the world as well, he said.

If by any reason, the Saudi regime today needs to change its face and to camouflage its dark background and just because of the emergency rules has to spend billions of dollars to buy support of some transregional countries, it should take a look at Saddam Hussein's fate, Qasemi noted.

He went on to say that the indispensable fate of the Saudi regime will not change by taking such an approach, playing the blame game, buying support and security and sponsoring terrorist groups.

The current Saudi rulers along with the Zionist regime have become a symbol of aggression and crime in the Middle East, Qasemi said.

They fan the flames of instability and tribulations in the region by interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, he added.

Taking immature and false policies like supporting Saddam, creating and sponsoring AlQaeda and Daesh, orchestrating aggression on Yemen and now by making sinister attempts to become the Zionist regime's ally, some Saudi leaders have engaged West Asia with crises, tensions, instabilities and continuous wars, he said.

Qasemi also expressed hope for French officials to have reminded the fate of former regional aggressors and dictators to their Saudi guests.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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