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Iran welcomes promising status of Sheikh Zakzaki

Tehran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Saturday welcomed the promising policies adopted by Nigerian government in dealing with the status of the Nigerian political inmate Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaki.

'Nigerian government recently let the medical team visit and examine Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaki and his wife which is a positive move,' he said.

Mousavi expressed hope that full treatment of Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaki and his wife inside or outside of Nigeria help promote constructive dialogue between officials of Islamic Movement and the Nigerian government in order to help resolve the existing problems leading to his freedom.

Yesterday, a medical team affiliated to Londonbased Islamic Human Rights commission met with Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaki and his wife for medical examination.

Nigerian security forces attacked a Husseiniya in the city of Zaria in 2015. They also attacked Leader of Nigerian Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaki's house and wounded him severely before arresting him.

Over 1000 people were wounded and killed during the attack while 350 of them were buried in mass graves.

Nigerian forces also killed three of Sheikh El Zakzaki's children in 2014.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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