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Iranian animations on par with Walt Disney productions: Director

Tehran, Iranian movies do not bear comparison with the movies made by world's leading directors like Martin Scorsese, but Iranian animations are on a par with Walt Disney productions, an Iranian animation director said in a recent interview.

Ali Noori Oskouei, prominent animation director and producer, said animation goes beyond genre and is the eighth art and constitutes an industry.

Making animations needs the most advanced technologies because animations are expected to tell a simple story via images.

Oskouei stressed the importance of investing in making animations and said production of animated movies requires highly advanced technologies, similar to those used in Japan, Britain, France and the United States.

He argued that one of the main problems in the area is that a number of Iranian animation makers are not familiar with the language of cinema and they restrict themselves to use their visual art skills, however they need to learn the ropes of film making as well.

Oskouei said another problem is that unlike cinema, there are no actors featuring in an animation to help make it famous.

But he also referred to significant progress in the cinematic animation and went on to say that animations can replace movies because there are several interesting stories to be rendered into animation.

Oskouei is an Iranian animation director and producer who has been a juror in several international festivals.

Interview by Maryam Azish, originally appeared in the Persian section of the Islamic Republic News Agency

Translated by: Parvin Aqaee

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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