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Iranian archeologists to cooperate with German Bochum University

Zanjan  Archeological research center in Zanjan, northwest of Iranian capital Tehran, and German Research Foundation- DFG affiliated to German Ruhr-University Bochum will launch research studies based on bilateral agreement, a cultural official announced on Thursday.

Amir Arjmand, director general of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Zanjan, made the remarks while speaking to reporters.

The mutual agreement will focus on research on  mines and mineralogical studies as well, Arjmand added.

The agreement also concentrates on bilateral cooperation in implementation of international projects, he noted.

DFG, founded over 80 years ago, is the biggest non-governmental German foundation that supports research studies.

In line with promotion of bilateral ties, Zanjan and German Ruhr-University Bochum had already had cooperation in historical salt mine of Chehrabad in the Iranian province.

Research on this region started more than eight decades ago. Cooperation with Germany on this issue goes back to ten years ago.

Saltmen, mummies dating back to Achaemenid dynasty (550–330 BCE), have been discovered in Chehrabad salt mine.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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