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Iranian Army displays power

Tehran, Iranian armed forces showcased their capabilities in different areas on National Army Day ceremonies.

Iran's Armed Forces displayed long-range missile launchers, including a radar truck, fives trucks of missile, domestic system 'Nasr', submarine al-Sabehat.

They also exhibited Ra'ad and Shahab boats, Fajr artillery, Jamaran destroyer, Ghadir submarine, Fateh submarine and Valfajr Torpedo.

Showing S-300 and S-200 missile system, rapid response combat system, Talash missile system, Mersad optimized missile system, Kamin portable missile system and Skyguard missile system were among other achievements.

Meanwhile, Iranian navy forces showcased Alvand destroyer, Tonb navigator, two Delavar class support ships, two Ciric navigators, two Nasr rocket propulsion carriers, four Ghadir submarines, six fast radar boats and six Shahab radar boats.

Iran's National Army Day ceremonies began on Wednesday morning in the presence of the country's President Hassan Rouhani at the mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini.

Thirty years ago on the same day, the US attacked Iran's oil platforms of Nasr and Salman in the Persian Gulf and the Army forces deployed on the platforms were martyred as a result. Imam Khomeini named the day after the Army's sacrifices in defending the country against the aggression.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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