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Iranian citizen not yet read Sweden court’s verdict

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian citizen Hamid Nouri, who was arrested and tried in Sweden, has underscored that after 18 days since the court's ruling, he has not yet succeeded in studying the verdict.

Nouri said in a phone call with the Iranian Embassy in Sweden on Sunday that he has not succeeded in reading the verdict of his life imprisonment, while he had only 21 days to protest the court's first ruling.

According to dadiran.ir, the Sweden judiciary system held 92 hearing sessions and sentenced the Iranian national to life imprisonment 18 days ago, while the trial was not held based on legal procedures.

Hamid Nouri has been imprisoned in Sweden since October 2019. He spent some of the incarceration terms in solitary confinement and was deprived of the right to choose a lawyer, contact or visit with his family members, meet the so-called witnesses, and even visit a doctor for health issues.

Nouri said that he does not know the Swedish language, but the authorities presented the verdict in Swedish and have not made any effort to provide him with a Persian translation of the sentence.

It is worth mentioning that the Swedish court conducted the hearing on the basis of the testimony of about 60 members of the terrorist organization MKO, who claimed that Nouri played the role of a prison guard nearly four decades ago.

The court did not allow any witnesses to testify in favor of the Iranian citizen.

Several weeks ago, Nouri in an audio file said that he had been tortured while in custody and denied medical care despite suffering from eye problems.

He also criticized human rights organizations for letting him down by failing to provide him the chance to speak about his ordeals.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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