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Iranian cleric: Diplomatic ties to neutralize West pressures

Tehran, Tehran interim Friday prayer leader said having diplomatic relations with other countries is in Iran's interest since it will subside the West pressures on the country.

'The Supreme Leader has offered instructions on diplomatic activities,' Ahmad Khatami said in an address to a large crowd of worshippers in Tehran's Friday prayers congregation.

'We have diplomatic ties with the entire world except the US and the Zionist regime, since the regime is a fabricated one, and the diplomatic relations with the US will not be established until it comes to its senses,' he said in the sermons prior to the weekly ritual.

'The dispatch of the special envoy of the Supreme Leader to Russia and relations with China and India are consistent with the laws,' he said, adding that if the US and Europe see Iran in a deadlock, they will increase their pressures.'

'Per policy of dignity, wisdom and exigency, they should not be allowed to bully because it is the right and fixed policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,' the senior cleric said.

Ali-Akbar Velayati visited Moscow last week and met with Russian officials to convey and present messages of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and of President Hassan Rouhani to his host.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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