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Iranian companies invited to invest in Iraq

Baghdad, Head of the Iraqi Investment Committee, as the most important policymaking body of foreign and domestic investments in the country, invited interested Iranian companies to invest in their country.

In his meeting with Hassan Danaiefar adviser to First VicePresident of Iran and the Chief of the Headquarters for Economic Relations with Iraq and Syria, Sami alAraji called on interested Iranian companies to invest in his country.

He pointed out that there were currently the fields of extensive economic cooperation between the two countries, especially the participation of the private sector of Iran in the reconstruction and investment process in Iraq have been provided.

In order to provide the ground for Iranian companies to participate in the Iraqi investment, it was agreed that the Iranian party would present the names of their interested companies to the Iraqi side and subsequently to hold a meeting between the owners of Iranian companies with the head of the Iraqi Investment Committee.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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