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Iranian company makes skin structured bandage

Tehran An Iranian knowledge based company built skin structured dressing after years of research, putting Iran in the list of top advanced wound care product manufacturers.

"The product named 'TEBADERM Collagen Matrix Dressing' is an advanced dressing with a structure resembling human skin which speeds up healing of the wounds by controlling moisture and using the biopolymers in the structure of the bandage," CEO of Iranian company Treetta, Mahmoud Qafqazi, said on Sunday.

The dressing uses biocompatible, biodegradable polymers similar to an extracellular matrix which stimulates curing of the injury, he said.

The product can be used to heal wounds caused by diabetes, bedsore, first degree and second degree burn, venous and vascular injury, surgery, traumatic injury, acute and chronic wound, abrasion and incision, according to the CEO.

TEBADERM costs one twentieth of corresponding American products and its quality is as high as American and European advanced wound care products.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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