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Iranian Consul General in Sulaimaniyah meets Sec-Gen of KIU, discuss World Quds Day

Iran’s Consul-General in Sulaymaniyah, Mehdi Shoushtar and the Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin reviewed the latest regional issues on Tuesday.

During the meeting , the latest developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, Erbil-Baghdad ties, as well as Iran-Kurdistan Region relations were discussed.

Both sides stressed the need to support stability and political confirmation in Iraq and the necessities of solving Kurdish region’s problems with Baghdad through dialogue.

Also, in the meeting that was held on the threshold of Quds world Day not only they talked about Palestine developments and the central unifying position of the day but also they examined issues, including Palestine, in the Islamic world, as well as a threat which is the so-called deal of the century and the need to support Al-Quds and Palestinian fight as well.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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