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Iranian Cultural consulate translates, publishes 60 books in Baku

Baku, Iranian cultural attache in Azerbaijan Asghar Farsi says it had translated and published more than 60 books with religious and literary content in the Azeri language.

Farsi made the remarks in an address to the Conference of 'The Importance of Translation in Religious Texts', which was held at the Baku School of Theology on the occasion of the International Day of Translators, attended by the academic and cultural figures of Azerbaijan.

Farsi added that the translation of literary works from Persian to Azeri has a long history, examples of which being translation of Kelileh and Demneh, Shahnameh, Golestan and Sa'di, and others.

Farsi, saying that translation and printing are being carried out with new principles today, stated that in Iran more than seventy million books are published each year, some of which are translated into other languages, including in the Azerbaijani language.

The books are mostly related to topics of religion, ethics, and philosophy, due to the religious, and cultural commonalities of both countries and neighbors.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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