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Iranian delegation discusses joint agreements with Syria

Tehran, A meeting embracing a number of figures interested in the economic issues in Syria and an economic Iranian delegation was held in Damascus to discuss bilateral cooperation agreements between the two countries and the mechanisms to activate and develop them.

During the meeting, held at Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel, both sides underlined the necessity to develop and activate the agreements signed between the two countries and to put them within a long-term strategic agreement that will be as a comprehensive framework for all the agreements in a way that would contribute to upgrading economic relations between the two sides, SANA reported.

Participants in the meeting also tackled the reality of customs cooperation, calling for reducing the period of customs clearance to facilitate the arrival of goods as soon as possible and to reduce the costs.

The meeting also dealt with means to expand domains of trade exchange between the two countries to include new types of products in a way that would achieve an increase in the rate of bilateral exchange.

The participation in expos organized by the two sides and the mechanism to establish permanent centers for national products in both countries were also on the table.

The meeting touched upon ways to enhance the investment cooperation between the two countries and to benefit from the experiences of the Iranian companies in the domain of construction, in addition to issues related to all domains of industrial, agricultural and cultural cooperation between the two sides.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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