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Iranian Energy Minister reviews problems of Iranian businessmen in Russia

Moscow, The Iranian Minister of Energy has in Russia reviewed obstacles on the way of expanding economic cooperation between Iran and Russia.

On the second day of his presence in Moscow on Thursday, Reza Ardakanian, Chairman of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia, met with members of the Iranian and Russian Business Council.

In the meeting, Iranian businessmen called for removing obstacles, including those in the areas of rail transport and trade exchanges, removal of intermediary countries for exporting Iranian goods to Russia and organizing Iranian commodity exports based on the standard and quality standards.

The Iranian Minister of Energy also pointed out the existence of business councils as a necessity to pursue matters, saying, he follows the issues raised in the meeting and works to resolve them.'

The Minister of Energy, as chairman of the Iranian side, traveled to Moscow on Thursday to mull the preparations for holding the 15th Summit of the two countries Joint Commission in Tehran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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