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Iranian feature film shines in India’s “Intl’ Fest. of 5 Continents”

Iranian feature film 'Truck' directed by Kambuzia Partovi, was widely welcomed in India's "Intl' Film Festival of 5 Continents".

'Truck' recounts the story of an Izadi woman who becomes homeless after this Iraqi ethnic and religious minority is attacked by ISIL terrorists in the summer of 2014.

The feature received nominations in six categories of the 36th Fajr Film Festival in 2018, including best film, best screenplay, best director, best actor, best editing and best makeup, and managed to win the award for best screenplay.

The film won the Best Film and Screenplay Award at the International Amiens International Festivals in France, 7th edition of Duhok International Film Festival in Iraqi Kurdistan and Fajr and was nominated for awards in various sections.

In an interview with IRNA, Behrouz Chahel, the presenter of the film, told IRNA that a press conference about the movie ( Truck) and the five-continent international festival was held by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and me in Calcutta, India.

He added: "At another press conference in Delhi, international film jurists analyzed the film and welcomed it."

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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