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Iranian FM blasts US for ‘boorishness’

Tehran, Iran's foreign minister strongly criticized the US administration for its 'boorishness', calling on international community to stand against it.

'The boorishness of this rogue US regime seems to know no bounds,' Mohammad-Javad Zarif wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday, referring to the recent threats by Washington against the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that Washington would not cooperate with in The Hague-based court over its war crimes in Afghanistan.

'When will the international community say enough is enough and force US to act like a normal state?' he said.

The US under President Donald Trump administration has unilaterally withdrawn from international agreements and organizations, including the Iran nuclear deal, Paris Agreement and UNESCO, and has imposed sanctions and waged economic wars against a number of nations.

Amnesty International's Adotei Akwei criticized the US for its opposition to ICC probe, calling it 'a dangerous signal that the United States is hostile to human rights and the rule of law.'

The US refusal 'is an attack on millions of victims and survivors who have experienced the most serious crimes under international law and undermines decades of groundbreaking work by the international community to advance justice.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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