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Iranian handwoven carpet unrivaled

Khorramabad, The head of the National Iranian Carpet Center says that although Iran is the second largest exporter of carpet in the world in terms of quantity after India, but no country can compete with Iranian carpet in quality.

Speaking in the ceremony held at Industry, Mining and Trade Organization to inaugurate five carpet designs presented by the citizens of Lorestan Province, Fereshteh Dastpak said on Wednesday, 'Carpet designs of many countries are taken and copied from Iranian carpet.

She said, 'Iran's handwoven carpet is considered to be the hallmark of culture and civilization and the base for economic development of the country. The product is one of the three strategic and nonoil exports of the country, with 95% of its raw material produced in the country.'

The director of the National Iranian Carpet Center stated, 'The handwoven carpet is a flag and a second identification card of the people of Iran, which keeps the name of the country alive anywhere and the world knows Iran with it.'

According to unofficial statistics, 2.5 million people are active in Iranian carpet industry.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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