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Iranian Human Rights Atrocities Discussed in the United Nations

GENEVA, March 15, 2017/PRNewswire/ — The International Development Forum organized an International Conference in the United Nations on 14th March 2017 to discuss the current human rights atrocities in Iran.

Mr. Przemyslav Czasnecki, Member of Parliament, Poland and Vice Chairman for Foreign Affairs Committee, Polish Parliament, said that, “Iran is the fountain of terrorism in the Middle East and we know that Iran has a major human rights problem with strong Shia leaders talking the power of Iranians.”

Mr. Taker Fatah, Author and Columnist, Canada, mentioned, “It is not Iran that is the problem, it is the ideology that is a problem.” He said, “The West made a pick on which part of extreme Islamic countries it wants to target, and which is to make an ally and Iran is not the product of the isolation, it became a product of the regime imposed. People are coming back to haunt the west including United States and Canada, the same people they welcomed.”

Mr. Paulo Casaca, Executive Director, South Asia Democratic Forum said that he created the “Friends of Free Iran” in the European parliament and further said that, “The real islamophobes are those female Swedish parliament members, who visited Iran and wore the veil on their heads. They betrayed the Muslim women who are fighting for their rights, their freedom of wearing whatever they want in Iran and internationally.”

Source: International Development Forum

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