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Iranian institute winner of global awards in IELTS world

Tehran, In a global confab and in the presence of world academicians and cultural activists, one Iranian institute succeeded to win two top world awards in 2019' among IELTS international test centers.

IRSAFAM is a widely known Iranian institute working in the fields of cultural, educational and art activities.

According to IRSAFAM public relations department, the institute grabbed the two prestigious awards while it had participated in the International Development Program (IDP) annual meeting in Thailand on June 1214.

The first prize is named 'Reimagining IELTS Award 2019' while the second is the "Excellence in Professional Development 2019" won by IRSAFAM for the fifth consecutive year.

"Reimaging IELTS Award" is regarded as the most important prize in the IELTS world.

IRSAFAM has already grabbed ten prestigious international awards in a fiveyear period in different categories.

IRSAFAM is also active in other fields such as getting admission for Iranian students overseas (Placement Student Service), import and distribution of specialized magazines, publications and printing, setting of domestic and international conferences, publicity services, organizing specialized English language courses and workshops.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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