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Iranian inventors snatch colorful medals of Thai World Championships

Iranian Student Team with 10 inventions and receiving 2 gold medals, 2 silver, and two special awards and honors diplomas from the National University of Thailand World University Competitions and KIPA World Korea Superior Design Award, highlighted Iran's power among other countries with technological advances. Amir Abbas Mohammadi Koushaki, speaking to IRNA on Friday, said that the Iranian Inventors Team on the National Inventors Day of Thailand, February 2-6 ranked first and second at the World Innovations and Technologies World Championships in Thailand. Student of Isfahan University of Applied Science and Technology went on to say that the Iranian Invention Team, consisting of Iranian students and pupils, concurrent with the greatest software and games world competition and games and applications in Thailand share their research inventions and achievements with other countries in the World Inventions Competition in Thailand. He added that in these competitions countries such as the US, Germany, England, France, Croatia, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, and other countries competed with 2,000 inventors. Mohammadi explained that the competition is sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization and under the auspices of the Thai Intellectual Property Organization and with the direct support of the Thai government and the Ministry of Science and Economics of the region through the Thai National Research Organization (NRCT) and the World Inventors Federation (IFIA) with the cooperation of other countries in the field of global inventions and research, including the South Korean Intellectual Property Organization (KIPA) and the South Korean Intellectual Property Organization (SIIF), was held in Bangkok attended by Thailand's national and world officials and the Thai Ministry of Science in February. Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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