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Iranian Leader’s Advisor Reprimands Saudi Arabia for Interfering in Iraq’s Mosul Liberation

In an exclusive interview by Al-Alam TV, Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati deplored Saudi Arabia for objecting to Mosul liberation operation as indirect interference in Iraq’s internal affairs, and said that the Riyadh government is discrediting itself.

Unfortunately Saudi Arabia does not know its own limits and such behavior will result in discrediting the Riyadh government in the region, Velayati said.

The Supreme Leader’s top advisor said that the case of Mosul is like Aleppo and when the US, Saudis and their allies see that the Syrian government and nation are making gains, they try to take the case to the UN Security Council and begin propaganda.

“The Iraqi government’s will to free one of its cities that has been occupied by some ISIL members, including some Saudis, has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia,” he added.

On Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on Turkey and Saudi Arabia to stop interfering in the domestic affairs of his country, which is engaged in a campaign against the ISIS terrorist group.

We want the good of Saudi Arabia and Turkey provided that they do not interfere in the domestic affairs of our country, he told a forum of Muslim scholars and politicians in Baghdad.

The opening of the 9th session of the Supreme Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening in the Iraqi capital coincided with the country’s ongoing push to retake its second city of Mosul from ISIS terrorists.

In the run-up to the Mosul operation, Saudi Arabia replaced its ambassador to Baghdad, who had repeatedly drawn the ire of Iraqi leaders for his meddling remarks. The kingdom downgraded its representation to the charge d’affaires level.

Source: Al Alam

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