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Iranian movie best in Zanzibar festival

Tehran, Iranian feature film Majan was selected as the best film in 21 Zanzibar International Film Festival in Tanzania (ZIFF 2018).

Nineteen movies from Iran, Germany, Kenya, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania took part in the event.

Iranian 'Golnesa' directed by Sattar Chamani-gol and 'When I became a butterfly' directed by Arash Zare' were among the competitors.

Short film 'Are you volleyball?' by Mohammad Bakhshi was also shown in the festival.

The movie is about a couple, Moloud and Hashem (played by Mahtab Keramati and Farhad Aslani), who has an argument about keeping of their ill son (Ehsan). Hashem sends their son to sanatorium and Moloud make enormous crisis till Hashem decides to divorce her. With Moloud's insisting to keep her child, Hashem wants remarriage but second wife give negative answer to Hashem because she has fear of ill child too.

Hashem doesn't have good mental situation and he reaches to the point to lose his job. He looks for someone to kidnap his son and give him to the sanatorium but things happen.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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