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Iranian nomads to take part in Kazakh World of Nomads festival

Tehran, Nomads from northern Iranian Golestan province will take part in Kazakhstan World of Nomads international festival.

The Iranian Embassy in Kazakhstan says 10 artists from the Golestan Province will attend the festival.

The threeday Koshpendiler Alemi (World of Nomads) international festival will kick off in the Kazakh capital Nur Sultan (formerly Astana) on Friday June 28.

The event, organised by Kazakh Tourism, is aimed at preserving the traditions, history and heritage of nomadic unity and spirit.

Participants from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Iran, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan will march in Nur Sultan streets, take part in professional parkour competitions, demonstrating parts of their respective countries' nomadic cultures and handicrafts.

Contests on sports such as horse riding and cycling races will be held in the context of the festival.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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