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Iranian parliament denounces US sanctions on al-Mostafa Int’l University

Some 175 Members of Parliament in a statement on Sunday condemned US sanctions on al-Mostafa International University, affiliated to Iran.

The statement said that by imposing the coercive measure against the Iranian university, the US administration once again betrayed its “imperialist disposition and arrogant attitude,” adding that sanctions against such academic entity “only signifies antagonism towards science.”

The MPs said that the Iranian revolutionary parliament unanimously denounced the sanctions on a scientific center as immoral, illegitimate, and obscene.

On December 09, 2020, the US Department of Treasury has imposed sanctions on Iran’s al-Mostafa International University.

Al-Mostafa International University is a comprehensive educational institution that provides enthusiasts from all over the world with the opportunity for the Islamic studies and religious tenets.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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