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Iranian physicians attend Srebrenica memorial

Belgrade, A group of young Iranian young physicians arrived in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Sunday to participate in ceremony of Srebrenica tragedy anniversary.

Iran's Ambassador to Sarajevo Mahmoud Haidari received the group in the embassy.

He explained deep historical, cultural relations between the two nations, and said that Iranian government and people helped Bosnian Muslim people by all means and still are standing with Bosnian government and nation to defend their independence, territorial integrity, peace and stability of this land.

The Iranian group accompanied by over 7,000 people started their peace rally from the city of Neck towards Srebrenica, which is 110 kilometers and takes 3 days, in memory of Srebrenica victims and the Iranian physicians, member of Iranian delegation, will provide medical services to marchers during the 3-day rally in case of need.

In the 23rd anniversary of Srebrenica tragedy, remains of 35 bodies, newly founded, will be buried.

Serbian government in July 2006 condemned all war crimes in former Yugoslavia War against Muslims and Serbs.

The Hague International Tribunal announced Srebrenica crimes against Muslims as 'Ethnic-Cleansing'.

Serbian parliament also condemned the crimes in Srebrenica in year 2010.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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