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Iranian President Says U.S. Democracy Advocacy “Fake”

The claims by the United States and the West, about advocating democracy are “fake,” said Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, yesterday.

“The United States and (some) Western countries are not after democracy, but their domination and plundering of other countries’ wealth,” the president said, during his visit to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Stressing that the global hegemony seeks to continue its domination over the world, Raisi said today, the enemy seeks to incite different kinds of sedition and sow discord among Muslim countries, such as, creating the Islamic State (IS) group, or spreading propaganda through its “media empire,” lest they unite with each other.

Raisi said that, the era of “totalitarianism” by the United States and the global hegemonic system has come to an end, with the emergence of new powers in the world.

Raisi arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday, as the head of a high-ranking economic and political delegation at the invitation of his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo.

Source: Nam News Network (NNN)

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